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Our Products

We just “launched” (aviation pun intended), so right now we have just one awesome product, but more are coming!

Awesome Product #1: Cross Check SEO’s Search Engine Visibility & Robots.txt Monitoring & Email Alerts Plugin for WordPress

Our Services

Cross Check SEO is a joint venture brought to you by widely-known SEO expert Pam Ann Aungst of Pam Ann Marketing, and brilliant backend developer Paul Barthmaier of PBRocks. For more about Pam & Paul, click here.

Paul and Pam, through their respective companies, can help with the following services:

SEO Services

SEO Technical Audits

Forensic SEO Audits (i.e. “Why Did My SEO Traffic Drop?”)

SEO Training & Coaching

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Development Services

Custom WordPress Block Development

WordPress Plugin/Theme Development

Code Optimization for SEO

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